About Neon

Neon Neue Energieökonomik GmbH is a Berlin-based boutique consulting firm for energy economics. Combining expertise in economic theory with advanced modeling capabilities and industry experience, we help clients in the public and private sector throughout Europe. We conduct studies, consult, and offer trainings. Neon specializes in seven areas: the economics of wind and solar power, whole system costs, power market design, balancing marketselectricity market modeling, data processing and provision and training seminars. Contact us.


Prof. Dr. Lion Hirth founded Neon and serves as its director. He is an energy economist and expert in the economics of wind and solar power, power market modelling, and balancing markets. He previously worked five years for the Swedish utility Vattenfall, where he was concerned with long-term fundamental modeling of electricity prices. Lion holds a Ph.D. in energy economics, a Diploma in economics, and a Magister in political science, and has a significant academic publication track record. Dr. Ingmar Schlecht holds a Ph.D. in economics from University of Basel, where he focused on electricity market modelling.  Jonathan Mühlenpfordt holds a degree in economics and is Neon’s data specialist. Juliane Reimann is responsible for event management and runs Strommarkttreffen.


Strommarkttreffen is a network of a few thousand energy professionals from academia, industry, and policy making. We meet for monthly workshops and maintain an email list. The network serves as a discussion platform and competence pool. Strommarkttreffen is run by Neon.


Neon’s analytical workhorse is the European Electricity Market Model EMMA. The model optimizes hourly dispatch and investment of power supply in Northwestern Europe, providing electricity prices in hourly granularity. EMMA is open source and has been used for various projects and publications. See model documentation.