Power Systems & Markets

The training seminar ”Power Systems & Markets” targets energy analysts and decision makers in industry, policy making, and society that aim at deepening their analytical understating of energy markets. It provides an applied and relevant, yet scientifically sound overview of economic models, real-world markets, and the policy framework. The heart of the seminar is the power markets of Europe in the context of crisis, transformation, and decarbonization. How does the spot market work? Why are wholesale electricity prices so low? Which economic arguments back renewables support schemes – and which do not?

Brochure Power Systems & Markets (pdf)

Electricity system modeling

The training seminar “Electricity system modeling” offers a compressed introduction into the numerical modeling of power markets and systems in Excel and GAMS. During the seminar, participants construct two own models, which are not only helpful to gain own insights, but also to communicate model results to outsiders. It targets beginers in modeling as well as clients and readers of modeling studies that would like to understand what is going on inside the black box.

Brochure Electricity system modeling (pdf)

Exercises and discounts

For each of the lesson blocks we supply voluntary exercises. NGOs and public sector participants get 40% off, early birds 10%. Questions?

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Upcoming seminars

Power Systems & Markets:
13/14 Jan 2020

Electricity System Modeling:
No dates as of yet.